About the Artist

Thank you for visiting my site! I’m so glad you’re here. Perhaps knowing a bit about me will lead to a greater appreciation of what you see here and who knows, maybe even inspire you along the way.

Art is my thing and it’s a thing that’s always been a part of my life. I see the world as color and light and texture, all of which I find striking and beautiful. It’s what I try to capture through watercolor. I became serious about the technique in 2012 and have since honed my skills through workshops, classes, painting groups, and brush miles. 

As a young girl I loved drawing but growing up in rural Minnesota, my options to learn and develop were limited. My mom, who was also an artist, understood this and enrolled me in a correspondence art course where I learned and sent in my creations via snail mail (yes, this was one time a thing!). I was serious enough about art to study it in college, where I studied commercial art.

When my children were young, I stayed connected to art and ventured into oils by learning Norwegian Rosemaling and tole painting with my mother. We painted everything we could get our hands on from step stools to light switch covers! During this time, I also took jobs where I hand painted a billboard and a deli’s store-front window. As my children grew, I found creative outlets in making banners and posters for my church and workplace.

When my children left home, I rejoined the workforce and spent several years in an art desert. I had neither the time nor energy to create, but my dream of learning watercolor painting never faded. In 2012, I found a 4-day watercolor summer workshop where my artistic sense came back to life, and I haven’t looked back. My excitement and love of watching colors merge and flow on paper grows with each painting I create.

I’ve been voted in as a juried member of the Southwest Washington Watercolor Society and belong to Southwest Washington Artists. After moving to Washougal, WA in 2019, my husband built me a home studio where I create and teach adult drawing and beginning watercolor classes. I’ve also been teaching four of my grandchildren’s art classes since 2014 where I’ve introduced us all to countless mediums and genres of art. Turns out teaching them also taught me!

You’ll see in my paintings that I am drawn to the light, textures, and shadows in nature. It’s what I see around me and the inspiration I can’t help but capture on paper. I hope you find the same inspiration in what I create, whether through my commissioned work, art show submissions, or most recent creations. 

Please make yourself at home on this site. I’d love to get to know you so don’t hesitate to reach out by email. We can also connect on social media.

Trish Johnston in her art studio
Trish Johnston with art award

Here is an instructional video I did for “Artists Helping Artists” with Southwest Washington Watercolor Society. It offers some tips and techniques for adding texture to your watercolor artwork. Take a look, and try it out for yourself!